The California Motorcyclist Safety Program 1-Day Premier Riding Course (CMSP 1-DPC) requires successful completion of a riding ability pre-test. This test must be completed successfully, or you will not be allowed to continue with the CMSP 1-DPC. Your tuition will not be refunded.

If you do not pass the 1-Day Premier Course pre-test, we offer the California Motorcyclist Safety Program Motorcycle Training Course (CMSP MTC) where you can still earn the DL389 (Certificate of Completion of Motorcycle Training). Having earned the DL389, you will not be required to complete the DMV on-bike test. By request, SRT will apply your CMSP 1-DPC tuition to the Basic CMSP MTC Course requiring a balance to be paid of $100 for the 16 hour, MTC.

If you have any questions, please contact us BEFORE you register for the 1-Day Premier Course.