Since 2005, Saddleback Rider Training has been turning out nearly 2000 safe and savvy motorcyclists each year. We come from all sectors of the sport: Our staff includes retired motorcycle officers and pro racers, committed daily commuters, dirt riders and long-distance adventure tourers, too.

What We Offer

Saddleback Rider Training is certified by the California Highway Patrol to present the official 16-hour California Motorcyclist Safety Program course. We offer classroom and riding instruction at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California, serving riders in Orange County and Los Angeles County, as well as those in San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial counties.

For New Riders: The Basic Course is designed for the novice rider with limited or no street riding experience. The course is aimed at helping you earn your M1 California motorcycle license, which allows you to ride any type of motorcycle or motorized scooter.

For Licensed Riders: The SRT Intermediate Riding Course is designed to help licensed riders build confidence and internalize safe riding habits, with next-level instruction on vehicle control, emergency braking, obstacle avoidance and tighter, more efficient cornering.

For Experienced Riders: The SRT Premier Riding Course is a licensing course for the State of California. Successful completion will be accepted by California DMV to waive the on-bike rider test. Riders with out of state motorcycle license and riders who have not ridden for some time will benefit from this class by improving skills and knowledge and by not having to go to DMV for the on bike skills test.

Over the years we have tailored our company to meet the needs of current and prospective riders, including members of every branch of the U.S. military. We offer a variety of schedules to fit most people’s busy week. Our instructor-led classrooms have largely been replaced with online, distance learning, eliminating the need to travel to the classroom sessions.

Basic (MTC) Two-Day Course: You can complete the on-bike requirement for an M1 license in a single weekend over the course of two, 5-hour range days. The first online Knowledge component must be competed before attending the first, at the college, on-bike, Skill development, component.

SRT Intermediate Riding Course (One Day): The SRT Intermediate Riding Course takes place on periodic Saturdays and Sundays (7:30 am – 3:30 pm).

SRT Premier Riding Course (One Day): These two courses take place on periodic Saturdays and Sundays (7:30 am – 3:30 pm).



…Professional staff with lots of good instructive feedback! …Good for new and past riders! Also for people wanting to gain more knowledge…

LH, via Yelp

…I took your class a year ago.  Just wanted to let you know that it saved my life tonight.  A lady pulled right out in front of me while I was doing 45, I was able to brake and maneuver out of the way missing the front of the car by inches.  It all goes back to your training.  Thank you.

JB, via Facebook

…Highly recommend this to anyone seeking to get a motorcycle license. Thank you.

JM, via Yelp

…I took the class a couple of weeks ago. Today was my 3rd day riding on the freeways… A car swerved from the #1 lane straight across the lanes and crashed  into the medium right in front of me. I remembered the words they put into my head (and skills they taught me). I slowed as quickly as possible without locking up the brakes, then swerved to avoid the car and then braked again after the swerve. I stopped, made sure the driver was okay, and called 911.

SC, via SRT website

Thank you for the instructors at SRT.  I’m been riding for over 30 years, but there were lessons taught in the class that were every valuable… John made the classroom informative and fun, the riding staff were great.

TR, via Yelp

WOW!! That is an understatement this class is awesome! If your a bit skeptical at all pull the trigger…

AC, via Yelp

Great class with great instructors! … The instructors really made this course fun and enjoyable. Thanks

AM, via Yelp

Best motorcycle course and instructors ever! Learned quickly, need to practice more but had fun and thank god the instructors are so patient!

HK, via Facebook

I highly recommend this class! Instructors make it knowledgeable and they keep you excited and hungry to just PRACTICE … Thank you for a first driver experience that I will never forget!

PH, via Facebook